About The Ward 4 Dems

Since 1975, the Ward 4 Democrats of Washington, DC have conducted the affairs of the Democratic Party in the District of Columbia’s Ward 4.

The organization administers programs of voter registration and education; assists in the election of candidates for President and Vice President of the United States and local office; and undertakes any other activities necessary to achieve the purpose of the Democratic Party of the District of Columbia.

About Ward 4

Ward 4 encompasses the northern point of the diamond that once was the shape of the District of Columbia. It sits east and west of Rock Creek Park from the North Boundary Stone at the juncture of Eastern and Western Avenues to Kennedy Street, Riggs Road and North Capitol Street on the east, Rock Creek Church Road, Spring Road, and Piney Branch Parkway on the south, and roughly Beach Drive, Military Road, Broad Branch and Linnean Avenue on the west. The ward is known for its park-like ambiance, open spaces, family atmosphere, and strong sense of community. Its great physical treasure, Rock Creek Park with its highlands, valleys, and numerous springs, its colorful wildflowers, and its dogwood, oak and maple trees, has conveyed beauty and healthfulness over the centuries informing the ward’s development and eventual settlement.

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